Dental CAD/CAM
         Präparationsgrenze und einfaches Käppchen  
CAD/CAM technology has been state of the art in the automotive and consumer goods industry for a long time and in recent years has found its way into the dental world. After generating an optical impression of the preparation using a 3D camera, the restoration can be virtually constructed on the computer screen.

The software module Dental CAD/CAM contains numerous powerful dental CAD/CAM functions for the computer aided construction of dental restorations.

Details on our software solutions in the dental CAD / CAM area can be found at r2deiexmachina.

Module Description "Dental CAD/CAM" (PDF, 4.2 MB)
Module Descrition "Preparation Margin" (PDF, 905 KB)
Demonstration Video "Preparation margin" (ZIP, 25.8 MB)

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