3D Digitizing and Modeling Services

We have a long-time experience in the field of 3D digitizing and 3D modeling. In particular we offer:

On-site expert advice, especially concerning the optimal measuring technology for the special task
High-resolution 3D digitizing using tactile or optical measuring devices, alternatively volumetric technologies as computed tomography or CSS, depending on the requirements
Pre-processing of the measured 3D data, in detail:
Correction of measurement errors
Matching of scanned datasets from different views
Alignment of the data to a fixed coordinate system (registration)
Processing of volumetric image datasets, e.g. CT data
3D modeling according to given specifications, e.g.:
Surface reconstruction and CAD update
Measuring and validation, inspection with reporting
Conversion of CAD data
Additionally for CT data: Measuring of wall thickness, defect analysis, extraction of inner cavities, e.g. cooling channels
Delivery of the results with documentation of the approach
Surface reconstruction backlight   Regarding 3D digitizing, we are not limited to a special kind of 3D measuring device, we use any technology, which is available on the market. Consequently we are able to offer 3D digitizing of almost any shape and size.

A reliable sub-contractor can be either authorized directly by us or placed to your company.

The 3D data processing and 3D modeling is accomplished by ourselves, preferably using our own software, but also third party products.

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