Software Development

We develop by order customized software solutions
for processing digital point clouds. Object orientation and simple interfaces provide a high degree of reusability and portability. We use C++, the operating system can be MS Windows or any UNIX derivate.

  Our services cover the complete software development process, starting with the definition of requirements, followed by design and implementation of the software components. Documentation and testing are also important parts of our work. All tasks will be performed according to a time schedule, which will be fixed at the beginning of the project.

The resulting software can be delivered as a stand-alone application including visualization, as a software library for the integration into an existing system, or as source code, including documentation or user manual, respectively.

Optionally, we grant exclusive rights for the developments to the customer.

For detailed information about available software tools, see Modules. However, our capabilities are not limited to the listed modules; in particular we offer innovative solutions for custom applications.

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